Friday, 27 March 2015

A Little Hope

It's Friday. This week has been full of serious highs and serious lows. I will not bore you with the details but lets just say that I am stoked that the week is nearly over!

With all the hoopla I have not had much time to get to the machine, but I did finish this little flimsy off...

If you remember, Hope is from the improv piecing class that I took earlier this month. I had a house and some trees too, but when I tried to put them all together it just did not "work". But Hope was the important thing for me, so I quilted and bound it and hung it up so that I could see it as I walked into the room.

Sometimes you just heed a little hope.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Giant Star Part II: A Finish

We are expecting yet another winter storm here in good old Nova Scotia tonight so today I sewed up a storm...quilting and binding complete and here is a giant star lovely.

This quilt is the sister to this Giant Star that I made almost a year ago using this tutorial. Yes, it has been in the closet, waiting for it's perfect home.

I am pretty over the winter weather and the havoc it is playing with my quilty photo shoots. They are not too pretty to be honest, but Star quilts need bloggy love too, bad pictures or not.

After this little marathon binge, I still have some stitches left in me, so off to finish a wee baby quilt. Maybe I will have a Sunday finish too! Or, I might keep on with this bottle of wine and watch tv. It's hard to tell...

Are you having a quilty weekend?

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Monday, 9 March 2015

You want me to do what?

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend my Guild's workshop on Improv Piecing taught by Val from Purple Boots and Pigtails. I was excited and terrified by the prospect of improv piecing. You read about people who are freed by the process, who throw away patterns for the creativity of piecing something original and all of their own.

Let's be real here people, I love me a pattern. I feel creative through patterns and am ok with it. Am I less of a creative person because of it? Who knows, but I really don't care. I like what I like! That being said, I wanted to challenge myself, step outside of the proverbial comfort zone and try something new.

Our first piece was trees. Val wanted us to piece a tree. Not scary, until it became clear that I would not be provided with measurements. Just cut a trunk about "so big". You want me to do what? But how do I know if it will work? How will I cope without my ruler? I wanted to sneak up to the teachers table and measure her sample. Legit right? NOT! I needed to break out!

So we had trees, and I did not spontaneously combust, my ruler did not hold a grudge, things were looking up. Then a house was born...and a churn dash...all bravely without measurements. But then, things really started to cook. Letters!

This was when I found my groove. Truth be told, this is really why I wanted to take the class. I want to make word quilts and wanted to know how to piece letters. By the time letters came I had put my ruler under the table and was slicing randomly. I felt awesome! The whole process gave me hope - hope that I could be creative without a pattern!

These are all of the components that we made in class. Next step will be to make some "joiner" pieces and make this into something. It may be a wall hanging, it may be a quilt. Who knows? My ruler doesn't know, and is wishing me luck!

I have to thank Val for such a wonderful class. This was her first foray into teaching and I think she was sweatin' it! But she was born to be at the head of a class, I can't wait for the next one.

Are you a pattern girl, improv girl? Either way, have fun out there!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

And the winner is...

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments you left on my Blogversary post. I love my people! 

The lucky winner of the fabric bundle is....

Lucky number 13!....Barbara Konkle

Thanks to everyone who played along.  Have a fabulous quilty week.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WiP Wednesday: the one with a giveaway!

It's Wednesday and I have very little to report in the way of quilty news but I am pleased to tell you that this month is my Blogversary! Three years ago I started writing about my quilting obsession journey. Some of you have just found me (welcome!) and some have been here since the beginning, either way, I am just so grateful for all of you! This little space on the internet has connected me to a community like I never thought was possible.

I have this little note to myself in my sewing room

"Find your people". I don't know where I heard that, but it resonates with me. When I moved away from my home base (from Nova Scotia to Ottawa) I really got seriously back  into quilting. Once I had my fabric stash built up I was feeling great, but I also needed "my people". Folks who hoard fabric, then cut it up, and then put it back together.  This blog was the missing link! I have met so many wonderful people on-line and now in person. I am so lucky!

(the other note in this pic is to keep me motivated...someday the Pfaff will be mine!)

So, to celebrate all my "people" I dropped into my LQS - the wonderful Patch Halifax - and picked out the special little bundle just for you...

Eight Fat Quarters of delicious! In here we have some Folk Song by Anna Maria Horner, Franklin and Hadley by Denyse Schmidt, Cotton and Steel, Kaffe Fasset Stripes and a Free Spirit Solid. They are all so good! (keep reading to the bottom and I will tell you how to win)

This is a WiP post so I do have some things to share. This past week I have been working on a plus baby quilt. This quilt is a class I am teaching at Patch Halifax. I like sewing along with my students so I have an sample to show techniques on. Here I am getting the quilting done so that can see how diagonal lines work.

I also finally basted this giant star quilt, one more WiP out of the closet!

Now, on to the good win the Blogversary FQ Bundle, simply leave a comment on this post. If you would like to share this post in social media land, please feel free to do so and leave me a separate comment for a second chance to win! Mr. Random Generator will pick a winner on Sunday March 1st.

Thanks for being "my people".

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

i heart Kona

A couple of weeks ago Jennifer over at A Quarter Inch From The Edge threw out a challenge to curate a bundle of Kona. Now I am not one to back down from a challenge, so this morning I dug out my bins (yes I have more than one) of Kona and played around. There are so many options!

In the end, while we are in the middle of a storm, I was feeling dark and light. Now I must say that these pictures do not show that much of the light, but if you pull these colors there is a definite happiness.  The colors are Berry, Wasabi, Storm and Breakers.

This was a fun way to spend a morning and reminded me how much I like working with solids. I have not made a ton of solid projects, but one of my very favorite all time quilts is this one...which happens to be the first quilt that I made entirely of solids

I am suffering from a rare disease right now called "giantlist". You may know of it. It affects quilters who want to make everything, and because their list of wants is so large they get paralyzed to start anything. This little Kona play has been like an antibiotic to my paralysis, I am off to start a new project from Cherri House's City Quilts. Which one do you think I will make?

Are you a Kona fan? Why not make your own bundle and head over to link up with Jenn!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fox Frenzy: A Finish

Are you ready for some serious cuteness!

I am officially IN LOVE with these foxes. Seriously. Last November I had a new client contact me looking to have a quilt made that she had seen on Pinterest for her new baby due in February. When She showed me the pin I knew the quilt and pattern maker right away! Kona Fox Kits by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.

A quick PDF pattern purchase and the amazing assistance of Pam at Mad About Patchwork, who cut the fabric kit for me and I was off to the races! Literally. I had one month to get this quilt done in time for baby. Now, usually a month is plenty for me, but life has been hectic, so I was making this one right up to the wire as they say.

I usually don't use the same fabric recommended in a pattern, liking to make it a bit of my own, but seeing that this quilt was a custom order, I did just that and can I say that Lorna's color choices for this quilt are amazing! The pattern was so detailed on how to use the colors too. I cannot recommend it enough.

I was very unsure about the quilting on this baby. I actually used the words "paralyzed with fear" at my Guild Sew In Day where I was working on this quilt. I likely should have quilted the tree to high light it, done something leafy with the leaves, and then highlighted those foxes. But that all just seemed like too much, and I was not up to experimenting with a custom order. So I stuck with my latest obsession and gave it some walking foot wavy lines. Best Decision EVER! Once out of the washer and dryer, the texture is astounding! Makes those foxes pop! It even makes a rather flat backing far more interesting

So, there you have it, my Fox Frenzy. Time to wrap this little one up with care to get in the post to it's new owner. I hope she will be as smitten with these foxes as I am!


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